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Children playing with leaves at The Stable Nursery, Tetbury


Baby day care

We offer a homely environment that gives reassurance and familiarity in a well-equipped building with large gardens and play areas, which are well stocked with play equipment for all ages, as well as a child’s planting area and a wild area. We go on walks to discover nature; sheep, rabbits and horses are easily found.

All rooms are well ventilated and appropriately designed for the age of the children and the activities that will take place in the specific room.

Baby Unit: For 3 months to 2 years

2 fully equipped, spacious rooms cater for our under 2’s, with a cot area for important rest times, a messy area for being young and fascinated by new experiences, and a music and book area for developing self-awareness and language skills. Unlike most nurseries our babies actually have the largest room to reflect their gross motor development.

Toddlers: For 2 to 3 years

Surrounded by a group of ready-made friends, children discover the value of social relationships, a
discovery that will last all their lives and build their own sense of worth and self-esteem.

Toddlers are enchanted by everything the world has to offer and they learn to share and to grow in independence.

This room has an imaginary room attached, which is changed regularly, (a jungle, café, beach, and hospital etc) to fuel imagination and to assist the children with situations that they might find themselves in.

Toddling fun

Pre-School Room: For 3 years +

Topics and areas of learning are selected by the children in this age range as all recent research has proven that
children’s learning and involvement is of a greater depth if it is in an area in which they are interested.

Our pre-schoolers begin to take responsibility for their choices and actions, learning to understand that words and numbers carry meaning.

Outdoor Areas

...and jump!

We believe that children should get plenty of fresh air and the opportunity to get muddy! At The Stable Nursey we benefit from two large gardens which the children access throughout the year. The children have the opportunity to develop both their fine and gross motor skills and spacial awareness through climbing, running, balancing, pedaling and many other exciting opportunities.

The front garden is predominantly for the Babies and Toddlers where they can explore together developing awareness of each other.

Both Toddlers and Pre-school are encouraged to free-flow - having the option to move between the indoor and outdoor environment helping to cultivate decision-making skills and independence.

Pre-School have a large garden with direct access from their room. It benefits from a large piece of climbing equipment as well as space for more imaginative play. They have a bark area to search for mini beasts.

Forest School

We are lucky enough to have a Forest School area in the paddock adjoining the Pre-School garden. Our qualified Forest School leader takes the children out once a week to have a unique experience in this area. They have made bug hotels, painting using mud and water, digging and exploring in the mud pit as well as saw-work, building and lighting fires (all closely supervised led by the children).

If you'd like to know more, why not contact us.

Autumn leaves