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Reading books with children at The Stable Nursery, Tetbury

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A typical Stable Nursery day is centred on child initiated play. For us at The Stable Nursery this means that the children in our care are provided with holistic, heuristic play opportunities. As professional childcare practitioners we understand that play can never be underrated or regarded as a waste of time. It is a pure learning opportunity, which unfortunately over the past decade or two has been undervalued. If we as adults stop and pause to reflect on our childhood most of us can remember collecting and sorting small items, building dams and dens and jumping in puddles. If we also think back we will remember how we were encouraged to try new things and negotiate with each other and adults to achieve our goals and aims and wasn’t it fun?

Our approach to child care is a holistic one:

  • Holistically we see the child as a whole, complete person.
  • Heuristically we embrace the child’s natural ability to investigate and enjoy experiencing their life.

Committed to Holistic Child care is our strap line and heuristic learning, with out pressure is our philosophy.

Holistic means all embracing, the idea that the whole is greater than the sum of it’s parts, all aspects of a child should be considered and valued, the physical, emotional, intellectual & social but equally as importantly the spiritual and moral.

Heuristic means guiding in investigation, allowing children to learn things for themselves. Current research agrees that this is the best way for young children to learn at this vitally important age and works towards inspiring children’s learning through the following years also.

Learning without pressure is our philosophy and children are encouraged to do so at a pace that suits them. We scaffold their learning. As adults we are all good at different things and have different skills to offer and different contributions to make, why are we then so insistent that our children are all the same? We are not talking about common goods here such as respect and courtesy but expression and interest. It is wonderful the ability that from even a very young age if a child’s interest is captured and fostered they will be involved in tasks for an incredibly long amount of time and show a huge amount of concentration.

We see it as our role to provide children with such opportunities and time to explore areas that they enjoy.

Re-use and repurpose!

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